Putting the Brakes on Our Dairy/Cheese Plans

During December 2010 -  the 111th Congress passed  "The Food Safety and Modernization Act.'
This bill expands  FDA  authority  over  food producers.  Small farms are only partially exempted from it's onerous provisions.   It is our opinion that this bill expands  bureaucracy and red tape but does not truly impact the safety of  food. 

With our military and government contract backgrounds, Jim and I are no strangers to checking off endless checkboxes  verifying that nonsensical requirements have been met.  It is not a fulfilling way to make a living.

We have no intention to allow that kind of  idiocracy  to sneak back into our lives.  Therefore, we have postponed our
dairy and cheese plans indefinitely. We will not be selling any food products meant for consumption until further notice.

We will continue to refine our  breeding  stock   specifically  for homesteaders who want to raise food for themselves. 

We will begin training and using oxen on the farm, and plan to have started young oxen teams available in the next couple of years.  We will continue to share what we've learned and assist others who seek self reliance and wish to produce home grown food,  in as many ways as we can.

Last, we will soon be announcing our new food plant nursery, where we will be selling plants to help you grow your own healthy, nutrient dense foods.