We are working  to build a locally adapted flock
that is hardy, thrifty, and low maintenance, with a focus on soft wool and dairy character.  

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(Due to ongoing health issue for Mary, the entire flock has been sold.  The website will remain online for the time being, with occasional updates. Our many thanks to those who have assisted us with the difficult process of dispersement of farm and flock.)

In addition to Finn sheep, we will be adding additional breeds to bring in the traits we are looking for.  Our Flock page is currently under construction and will feature all of our  latest additions.

This year we have also established a new stock evaluation system that will use a combination of scientific measurements in addition to our subjective, personal observations.  The wool from the entire flock has now been  tested by Yocum McColl and we are very pleased with the results!

We have also implemented our own custom made sheep grading program. This unique scoring system was developed to focus on the characteristics that are important to the small holder rather than those of large, commercial producers.

We believe this is a balanced approach  that will help us accelerate improvements. This helpful tool  will also assist buyers in selecting just the right lamb to meet their own specific flock requirements.