Our little flock of layers includes Cochins, Brahma, and Salmon Faverolles. They are all pretty feather-footed breeds that are well suited to our cold climate.
Chickenista, shown left, is our broody hen. She's a tiny thing who adores siting on the nest. So soft and gentle -  she is my favorite hen.  

One day a wonderful friend of mine,

who I'll call K, asked me to send her a picture of our handsome rooster, Charlemange.  I came in from that photo shoot, convinced I had taken a great shot only to find that not only had I failed to capture Charlemange's regal visage - somehow I had decapitated him!

K is a very talented digital artist and in spite of my deficiencies as a photographer, she managed to use the photo in  this wonderful piece.  I can't thank you enough, K!  We are so very touched!

It's called "Expectantly" and K had this to say about it's conception:
"The original design swept me along for a good portion of yesterday.
This morning I was thinking of you guys and was moved to add your pictures."

K has a new website under construction. We'll post a link as soon as she's ready.